Top 10 Reasons Document Shredding is Important

Whether it is for your business, your clients, or your personal life, properly shredding sensitive documents is extremely important. As we prepare for 2019, it is a great time to go through your documents and determine which contain confidential information that needs to remain secure. Far too many people hold on to old documents that contain highly sensitive data or information, and in doing so, they are putting themselves at risk for a breach.

Starting 2019 with document protection in mind means scanning your documents, storing the digital version in a secure location, and then shredding the physical documents correctly. The following are some of the most imperative reasons to move forward with document shredding:

  1. Protection from identity theft
  2. Maintaining confidentiality of business documents
  3. Protect the sensitive information of your clients and customers
  4. Compliance with government regulations to adhere to the law
  5. Protect your employees
  6. Safeguarding your family’s personal information
  7. Moving digital to reduce your environmental impact
  8. Create more storage space
  9. Saving crucial time during the work day
  10. Reorganize your most important files

At Espresso Mail, we take document shredding very seriously. Identity theft crimes are abundant throughout the United States and document shredding is one of the most efficient and effective ways to protect yourself, your clients/customers, and your business.

To learn more about document shredding, give us a call at 561-318-6004 or stop by the store today!

Risks of Using an Untrustworthy International Shipping Company

Have you ever considered what is involved when you send a package from Florida to New York? What about sending a package from Florida to New Zealand? International shipping is much different than domestic shipping. As a result, it is essential to work with a shipping company that is not only experienced, but also trustworthy. The complexities of international shipping are impressively vast.

First and foremost, there are different laws and regulations regarding commodities entering different countries. There are also specific rules related to things like international duties, import taxes, brokerage fees, and a variety of other potential added costs. On top of that, international shipping requires specific documents to get a package to its destination.

With all of those complexities to consider, it is imperative to choose a reputable shipping company. The following are some of the most notable risks linked to using an untrustworthy international shipping company:

  • Delays in customs due to things like address errors, missing or inaccurate tariff codes, and unsatisfactory shipping documents
  • Damage to the packing materials or inadequate packing methods
  • Mistakes made in required documentation
  • Lost shipments
  • Being overcharged for international shipping services
  • No notice of duties and taxes that the receiving country might add

At Espresso Mail, we ship to over 200 countries on 7 continents with multi-carrier shipping options (UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL), international packing service, international documentation, and automated airway bill. In addition, we offer Air and Ship cargo for shipments that are not time sensitive. We are proud to be West Palm Beach’s most trusted international shipping company. Come into our store today to learn more!

9 Surprising Coffee Facts

If you have a pulse, there’s a good chance you like coffee. Delicious, hot, and comforting…what’s not to like? Recent research even reveals that the percentage of coffee drinkers is on the rise and continually rising. Americans actually drink the most coffee of any other country in the world, which we really appreciate. Because at Espresso Mail, we’re all about our coffee. In fact, we are proud to be a full service coffee shop and espresso bar. When it comes to coffee, we mean business.

Coffee has a long, rich history and today we’re celebrating the intricacies of random tidbits and odd truths. The following are some cool, surprising, and interesting coffee facts:

  1. Coffee is the second most widely used commodity in the world, behind only oil
  2. A lot of coffee manufacturers sell their decaf coffee beans to soda and pharmaceutical companies
  3. The world’ first webcam was actually used to monitor coffee being brewed in a pot
  4. Drinking coffee has been extend a cat’s life
  5. Legend has it that a goat herder discovered coffee when he noticed that the goats were extra energetic after consuming particular berries
  6. Biodiesel has been created from ground coffee, meaning we could use it as car fuel one day
  7. The average coffee fan consumers about 3 cups of coffee each day
  8. Back in the day, coffee was consumed by chewing, not drinking
  9. Instant coffee has been around for 250 years

Did any of those facts surprise you? Do you have a fun coffee fact of your own? Leave us a comment and let us know what we missed! And, of course, for all of your packing, shipping, and coffee needs, head on over to Espresso Mail for a visit!

7 Holiday Shipping Tips for 2018

The holiday season is finally here and that means weeks of family, friends, delicious food, and who could forget presents? Sure, the holidays are supposed to be about quality time with loved ones, but there’s really no better way to show someone you care than with a thoughtful gift…that arrives on time! Shipping during the holiday season can be a nightmare for some, but if handled correctly, you’ll be in for a relaxed holiday season filled with cheer!

Strategizing a specific shipping plan is essential during the month of November. Far too many people wait until the last minute and then their packages are left in the hands of the postal service. This year, we encourage you to go local when it comes to shipping holiday gifts. Why? A personal touch is just what you’ll need to feel comfortable in your shipping plans this year.

The following are a few shipping tips to keep in mind this holiday season:

  1. Find the right courier! At Espresso Mail, we are independently owned and operated and we ship FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service, and DHL – domestic, international, you name it!
  2. Pack with the right material! No one wants to ship a fragile item only to find out that the recipient open a package of broken pieces. Speak to a professional at the shipping store before packing up your gift.
  3. Understand what shipping services are available to you. Take some time at the shipping store to learn what the best options are based on what you are shipping and when you need it to arrive by.
  4. Double and triple check the shipping details before sending. Far too many people experience holiday shipping frustrations because of a simple address error.
  5. Go to a one-stop-shop. The ability to do both the packing and shipping in the same store alleviates the risk of error and makes the entire process much smoother.
  6. Consider insuring high-dollar items. Also, make sure that the package does not have any markings that may reveal the value of the item being shipped.
  7. Get the tracking information! The holiday season is the most important time to make sure that you have the tracking information for the package and can ensure its safe delivery.

No matter what you intend to ship this holiday season, be sure to keep these tips in mind for a smooth, happy process. At Espresso Mail, we are dedicated to providing Super-Star Customer care in a convenient, efficient and friendly environment. Stop by our store soon to enjoy our famous coffee drinks and free Wi-Fi while your shipment is being taken care of! Contact our West Palm Beach office today to learn more about holiday shipping this season!

Back to School in Palm Beach County

Monday is back to school time for the more than 175,000 students and 12,000 teachers in Palm Beach County. So here a few reminders for safety and hints to make the day less stressful.

  • It’s still dark out in the morning. Students that live less than a mile and a half from their school may be walking or riding a bicycle. Students who live more than two miles may be walking to or waiting at a bus stop. Please be extra cautious when driving from your neighborhood.
  • There’s going to be additional early traffic, so adjust your morning commute accordingly. Buses will be stopping. Parents will be transporting students on their way to work. The traffic patterns and volume will be different and it may take some time to adjust to. So give yourself some extra time so that you aren’t stressed.
  • Stop. When a school bus is stopped loading or unloading students, you’re required to stop in both directions until the students are safely across the street. For the student’s safety, please observe this law. It will only cost you a few more seconds to be safe.
  • Speed limit. If you’re in a school zone or a neighborhood, it’s more important now to observe the posted speed limits. If you’re commute takes you through a school zone, please give yourself extra time.
  • Focus. It’s always a bad idea to engage in any behavior which distracts you while driving. So no texting, eating, or putting on makeup. We take driving for granted too often, but it only takes a second of distraction for something bad to happen.

We know you are aware of all these things. It’s just a friendly reminder from us at Espresso Mail. We want the new school year to be fun and full of promise and learning. Don’t forget to go to our Facebook page tomorrow and post a back to school picture.

Hot time, summer in the city

It’s almost summer and it’s south Florida, so it’s already hot and humid. Everyone already knows the do’s for summer: Stay hydrated (keep your animals hydrated too), wear sunscreen (don’t skimp – the bronze tan won’t be worth it when your skin looks like leather, have your home and auto air conditioners checked and serviced so that they don’t fail when the temps reach triple digits, and make sure your ceiling fans are turning counter clockwise because heat rises.

But here are a few other suggestions or hacks that may also help you beat the summer blues.

  1. Freeze a sponge. Soak a fresh sponge in water, toss it in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer. When you’re overheated, apply it to your forehead and wrists and it will cool you in minutes and you won’t get soaked.
  2. Make an icetray of aloe vera gel  with water cubes. Inevitably, at least once this summer, you’re going to get sunburned and this is a great solution to relieving that pain.
  3. Switch off gadgets and unplug non-essential electronic devices. They generate a lot of heat and this will help you keep your house cooler. Plus you can also save on your electric bill.
  4. Cook your meals on a grill or in a crockpot. Of course, summer was meant for barbecuing, but this will also help keep your house cooler than running your oven or stovetop.
  5. Toss your sheets and pillowcases into the freezer for 30 minutes before going to bed.

And of course, stay cool with iced coffee and cold treats. We’re pretty sure our cold brewed iced coffee will cool you fast. What’s your best way of staying cool?

It’s a small world and getting smaller

In 1966, after being presented at the New York World’s Fair the year prior, “It’s a Small World” reopened at Disneyland. It’s been a fixture there ever since and if you’ve toured the ride, you probably have the song echoing in your head and are cursing me for the #earworm. As iconic as the ride is, I’m fairly certain that Walt Disney had no idea how small the world is or would become.

More than ever, we’re a global economy. The world has gotten much smaller. And with that we have access to more goods and services from nations across the world than ever. And likewise, we’ve become much more connected on an international scale.

But as small as the world may have become, each country’s rules regarding what can and cannot be shipped into or from their country changes frequently. So what you could have shipped to Brazil or Mexico yesterday, last week, or last month may now be considered illegal. These changes are rarely announced, especially not to general public. And keeping up with which way the shipping winds blow in each separate country can be a daunting task.

If you ship internationally, the last thing you want is for your shipment to be held up in customs or worse, seized by that country or held for outrageous duties and taxes. And some shipping options may appear cheaper but are far less reliable. Is saving a few dollars worth having your shipment disappear, lost because the receiving country doesn’t update the tracking information (which basically makes the tracking information useless)?

So what do you do? You find an expert or specialist who can assist you throughout the shipment process. Just as a lay person you wouldn’t attempt to rewire your house, you shouldn’t ship internationally without having the proper tools and resources to make sure your shipment arrives as you intended. At Espresso Mail, we can help you wade through the maze of international shipping. We do distribution for several companies internationally and whether we ship for you or not, we are willing to help you with this complex issue. It’s a smaller world and we’re glad to help you connect with it.