9 Surprising Coffee Facts

Espresso coffee

If you have a pulse, there’s a good chance you like coffee. Delicious, hot, and comforting…what’s not to like? Recent research even reveals that the percentage of coffee drinkers is on the rise and continually rising. Americans actually drink the most coffee of any other country in the world, which we really appreciate. Because at Espresso Mail, we’re all about our coffee. In fact, we are proud to be a full service coffee shop and espresso bar. When it comes to coffee, we mean business.

Coffee has a long, rich history and today we’re celebrating the intricacies of random tidbits and odd truths. The following are some cool, surprising, and interesting coffee facts:

  1. Coffee is the second most widely used commodity in the world, behind only oil
  2. A lot of coffee manufacturers sell their decaf coffee beans to soda and pharmaceutical companies
  3. The world’ first webcam was actually used to monitor coffee being brewed in a pot
  4. Drinking coffee has been extend a cat’s life
  5. Legend has it that a goat herder discovered coffee when he noticed that the goats were extra energetic after consuming particular berries
  6. Biodiesel has been created from ground coffee, meaning we could use it as car fuel one day
  7. The average coffee fan consumers about 3 cups of coffee each day
  8. Back in the day, coffee was consumed by chewing, not drinking
  9. Instant coffee has been around for 250 years

Did any of those facts surprise you? Do you have a fun coffee fact of your own? Leave us a comment and let us know what we missed! And, of course, for all of your packing, shipping, and coffee needs, head on over to Espresso Mail for a visit!

Author: Espresso Mail

The most fun you can have packing and shipping. We're not your average coffeeshop. From mailing to business services, printing to mailbox rentals, we do it all. We have greeting cards, unique gift ideas, and best of all, a good cup of coffee.

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