It’s a small world and getting smaller

In 1966, after being presented at the New York World’s Fair the year prior, “It’s a Small World” reopened at Disneyland. It’s been a fixture there ever since and if you’ve toured the ride, you probably have the song echoing in your head and are cursing me for the #earworm. As iconic as the ride is, I’m fairly certain that Walt Disney had no idea how small the world is or would become.

More than ever, we’re a global economy. The world has gotten much smaller. And with that we have access to more goods and services from nations across the world than ever. And likewise, we’ve become much more connected on an international scale.

But as small as the world may have become, each country’s rules regarding what can and cannot be shipped into or from their country changes frequently. So what you could have shipped to Brazil or Mexico yesterday, last week, or last month may now be considered illegal. These changes are rarely announced, especially not to general public. And keeping up with which way the shipping winds blow in each separate country can be a daunting task.

If you ship internationally, the last thing you want is for your shipment to be held up in customs or worse, seized by that country or held for outrageous duties and taxes. And some shipping options may appear cheaper but are far less reliable. Is saving a few dollars worth having your shipment disappear, lost because the receiving country doesn’t update the tracking information (which basically makes the tracking information useless)?

So what do you do? You find an expert or specialist who can assist you throughout the shipment process. Just as a lay person you wouldn’t attempt to rewire your house, you shouldn’t ship internationally without having the proper tools and resources to make sure your shipment arrives as you intended. At Espresso Mail, we can help you wade through the maze of international shipping. We do distribution for several companies internationally and whether we ship for you or not, we are willing to help you with this complex issue. It’s a smaller world and we’re glad to help you connect with it.



Author: Espresso Mail

The most fun you can have packing and shipping. We're not your average coffeeshop. From mailing to business services, printing to mailbox rentals, we do it all. We have greeting cards, unique gift ideas, and best of all, a good cup of coffee.

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